Awards In Kenya - 2016 OLX Social Media Awards

the Kenya Social Media Awards (SOMA) – Kenya is an annual event, now in its second year, that seeks to celebrate the growing influence by and through social media in Kenya. As Kenya continues to make strides in digital revolution, the role of social media influencers and enthusiasts has become a key component in business growth, government concerns and community development. Over time, different organizations have adopted different social media platforms for communication as part of their digital marketing and communication strategies. In addition, there is an emerging group of influencers and opinion shapers on a variety of socio-economic issues in our society; truly showcasing the import of social media in today’s way of life. SOMA seeks to not only acknowledge the development of social media, but more so to celebrate its impact in generating and sustaining change in the corporate world, public sector and at the individual level of millions of Kenyans. Specifically, SOMA seeks to: Identify and celebrate the best of the best in social media Create a platform that will enhance product and consumer engagement through creativity and innovation Highlight the influence of social media on brand building and encourage organizations to intensify online presence


Welcome to the 2016 OLX Social Media Awards voting page. Please select the names of the personalities or organizations that you wish to vote for to win a 2016 Social Media Award in the fields provided below.

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Social Network Category

  Facebook Personality Award Award  

  Twitter Personality Award  

  Instagram Personality Award  

  New Blogger Personality Award  

  YouTube Channel Award  

Social Corporation Category

  Financial Services Award  

  Retail Services Award  

  Consumer Product Award  

  Tech-Telecom Award  

  Hospitality Service Award  

  Manufacturing Award  

Government Category

  Most Social Government Personality Award  

  Most Social State Corporation Award  

Media Category

  Most Social Television Show Award  

  Most Social Radio Show Award  

  News Channel Award  

  Most Influential Media Personality Award  

Educational Institution Category

  Most Social Learning Institution Award  

  Most Influential Student Leader Award  

Sports Category

  Most Social Sports Personality Award  

  Most Social Sports Club, Team or Association Award  

Entertainment Category

  Most Social Entertainment Personality Personality Award  

Best Use of Social Media Category

  Social Responsibility Award  

  Agriculture Award  

  Biz Yangu Award