Driving School Test Questions TEST II ANSWERS

1. a) On roundabout 

    b) At the junction

    c) At the centre of the road

    d) Where there is no stopping sign

2. It is an automobile power driven machine

3. It is a path to be followed by the vehicle

4. a) At the junction

    b) Where there is no overtaking sign

    c) On the roundabout

5. a) At the stop sign

    b) When ordered by the police

    c) When the traffick lights change to red

6. Road user on foot

7. a) When Overtaking

    b) Changing lane

    c) Stopping

8. You should see the behind wheels or number plate of the vehicle in front

9. EAK means East Africa Kenya

10. You should make sure there is no oncoming vehicle from the right side on the roundabout

11. a) Don`t crisscross hands

      b) Don`t hold with only one hand

      c) Don`t grip the steering wheel very firmly

      d) Don`t hold with the elbow

12. School warden

13. To disconnect the gear box from the engine

14. You should not accelerate

15. a) When the vehicle in front is turning right

      b) When driving on one way traffic road with more than one lane

      c) When there is an accident on the right and there is space on the left

16. a) When meeting on coming vehicle

      b) When meeting a pedestrian

      c) On a well lit area

17. a) Near a hospital

      b) Near a school

      c) Near law courts

      d) Where there is a `No Hooting` sign

18. 6.30 P.M parking lights and 6.45 P.M Headlights

19. Check the side mirror or look over your right shoulder

20. Brakes, Steering wheel, Wheels, Lights