Driving School Test Questions TEST III

Driving Test III Questions

1. Where are you NOT allowed to park? a) ___________________________ b) ___________________________ 

c) ___________________________ d) ___________________________

2. What is a caravan? ___________________________

3. What should you do when approaching uncontrolled railway crossing at:

a) Night ______________________________________________________

b) Day time ______________________________________________________

4. Which are the four common mistakes made when approaching a roundabout?

a) ___________________________ b) ___________________________

c) ___________________________ d) ___________________________

5. State 5 ways to keep your vehicle roadworthy

a) ___________________________ b) ___________________________ c) ___________________________

d) ___________________________

6. Describe your approach at a pedestrian crossing ______________________________________________________

7. How do we hold the steering wheel clockwise? a) ___________________________

b) ___________________________

8. What do you do if, as crossing by the traffic lights is green but then they suddenly change to amber?


9. What is the correct position at the junction when turning 

a) Left ______________________________________________________

b) Right ______________________________________________________

10. What does the green arrow filter on the traffic lights mean? ___________________________

11. Which are the vehicles to be taken for inspection? a)___________________________

b) ___________________________ c) ___________________________

12. Which is the strongest gear on a vehicle? ___________________________ Why? ___________________________

13. Why should you look Right twice when approaching a junction? ___________________________

14. State how you can overtake another vehicle? ______________________________________________________

15. When the traffic vehicle shows green and you are stopped by a police officer, who should you obey?


16. What is a hard shoulder way? _____________________________________________________________________

17. What is another name given to a give way sign? ______________________

18. What is the difference between a street and an avenue? 


19. What is the meaning of AMBER which keeps on flushing every now and then in the traffic lights?


20. Which mechanical signal should we put on after being involved in a road accident in the middle of the road?