Driving School Test Questions TEST IV ANSWERS

Driving Test IV ANSWERS

1. Gear number One because it is stronger than gear number Two

2. Globe Cinema Round About

3. To make sure they are in good condition and road worthy

4. MS means Mechanical Signal

5. When riding a motorbike, the headlights should always be on for them to be seen by other road users

6. a) Mandatory or regulartory signs

    b) Warning, hazard or cautionary signs

    c) Warning signs

7. Because they are signs to be observed

8. Priority signs

9. Heavy commercial vehicles are those which are exceeding 3.05 tons tare weight and

    Light commercial vehicles have less than that weight

10. Railway crossing is found in rural area while

      Level Crossing is found in urban area

11. Hazard Demarcation are reflective plates attached at the edge of the bridge to show the width on the bridge at night

12. It is an instrument used to alert other road users of your presence

13. Using the horn to alert other road users of your presence

14. a) Once means Warning b) Twice means Greetings c) Several times means Abuse

15. Twice, Once, Abuse

16. To connect and disconnect the gear box from the engine

17. Three, Mandatory, Warning, Informatory

18. a) Indicate at a distance of 50 M in advance

     b) Turning Left is a complete change of direction

         Passing Left is just like keeping left

19. Engine is a power generating machine

20. a) Driving License= to allow you do drive on roads within East Africa

     b) Insurance = for security purposes

     c) Vehicle Inspection Certificate = to show the road worthiness of a vehicle