Driving School Test Questions TEST VII

1. What is the meaning of a yellow painted kerb?

2. What does a double continuous line on the center of the road mean?

3. State 5 ways to keep your vehicle roadworthy

4. From which road to which road are you not allowed to reverse?

5. During dark hours, what controls the speed of the vehicle?

6. When driving past animals, what would you do?

7. During the night, if the oncoming vehicle does not dip the lights, what should you do?

8. Describe any indicators which may warn you of an accident ahead

9. Describe the arm signal, you should give as a driver to a police office controlling traffic if youwanted to go straight on

10. In what circumstances should one drive the vehicle wearing sunglasses?

11. After your vehicle has broken down on the road, what should you do?

12. Apart from a safety helmet, what other things should also be worn by a motor-cyclist?

13. As a motorcyclist, when are you required to ride with the lights on?

14. What four points does the code mention about carrying of passangers on a two-wheeled motorbike?