In need of teachers in the following areas

Mat/BS,mat/chem or chem/phy.,or mat/bio and kis/his.can be sch.based or trained dip or graduate 0725667969.
[8/10, 08:57] ‪+254 725 667969‬: Mathyakani need of teachers in maths/chem ,kiswa/history,maths/bus.,bio/chem or Agr.urgently pls.con.0725667969
[8/10, 09:41] PrincpKilinyaa-Mr Kathau: Kilinyaa sec school urgently requires teachers for the following combinations: kiswahili/History, Business /Geography and maths/Physics. Contact :0721454463
[8/10, 09:47] PrincpSt. Louis MathimaSec-Mr. Mac'Donald Musango: Mathima secondary school requires bio /any other subject. Graduate teacher
[8/10, 12:32] ‪+254 722 214107‬: Direct the Bstd/maths to mulango girls pls
[8/10, 19:15] PrincpMasaaniSec-LowerYatta-Peter Ivongo: Masaani Mixed Day Sec Sch in need any of these combinations :maths/Physics, Maths /Chem, Bio/Chem or Bst/Maths. Under B. O. M terms.
[8/10, 20:07] PrincpMunyuniSec-Mr Ngenga Festus: Munyuni sec in need of a Bs/Geog teacher.
[8/11, 10:55] PrincpKatuuni-Mr Munyoki: KATUUNI MIXED needs CHEM/BIO Graduate teacher, 0726516623
[8/11, 11:31] PrincpKalangaTitus: Kalanga sec. Needs mat/business contact 0712155880
[8/11, 14:27] PrincpIthumbiSecSchMrs Musyoka: Ithumbi sec sch needs th following:Bio/chem,maths/phy,swa/CRE, Swa/Hist,preferably graduates
[8/11, 21:09] PrincpSt. Pauls'KwaVonza-Mr. Mulwa Eratus Maingi: St. Pauls kwa vonza sec.needs a maths/physics TR. Call 0722668747.
[8/25, 19:02] PrincpKatuuni-Mr Munyoki: KATUUNI needs Bom maths/b/studies graduate teacher
[8/26, 14:43] PrincpKaumaSecSchMr Kiteng'u: Kauma boys sec requires BOM teachers for:- 1)Bio/maths 2)Kisw/Cre 3)Chem/Maths
[8/27, 18:21] PrincpNgaaniSecSch-Mr NzwiliLazarus: Ngaani mixed secondary school requires phys/chem,maths/Bst, agr/bio and hist/kisw teachers. Contact Mr Nzwili lazarus m'kenyatta-principal (0721538911)
[8/29, 00:04] PrincpMutitoGirlsSecMrs Mutisya: Bio/chem or chem/maths BOM teacher required in st. Mary's Mutito 0722646197
[8/29, 21:18] PrincpKalangaTitus: Kalanga secondary in mwingi east urgently needs kiswahili/geography teacher BOM
[8/30, 13:12] PrincpKasaalaSecSchT L. Margaret: Kasaala sec sch in Ikutha needs a teacher either Bio/maths or Bio/Chem urgently preferably graduate or diploma

[8/30, 18:55] PrincpSt. John's Kwa Mulungu-Mr. Joseph Mwema: St John's Kwa Mulungu Sec School in Kitui County urgently requires Agri /Bio teacher on very attractive BOM terms. Please contact 0727583975