Why is coursehero closing kenyans tutors accounts here is the answer

Expert Tutors

Course Hero offers 24/7 access to online tutors. They can ask any question about a subject and a tutor will respond within 3 days. This access is charged per use via "credits" for Premier Users, but basic subscribers have to pay per question.


The website also has an application for students to make digital flashcards. Users can create, study, quiz and share the material they make. On January 30, 2012, Course Hero launched Optimal Learn, a tool added to the flashcards application that allows students to set a deadline for when they want to master their material. The programs has students "study at the key intervals that maximize retention", including a combination of review and mini-quizzes. Users are reminded of their progress and when to study next via email notifications. Course Hero Flashcards also rewards students for studying through a badge system as they progress through their course material. The flashcards are free for all users.


On April 17, 2012, Course Hero launched 22 free online courses in three "learning paths": Entrepreneurship, Business, and Web Programming. These courses use aggregated educational content from the web and consistently test students until they master their subject. Each course breaks down into roughly 6 sections, teaching a combination of videos and articles.On August 7, 2012, Course Hero added a further 18 free skill-based courses to their catalog.[10] Course Hero also rewards students who complete 5 or more in either three offered learning paths. Prizes include the opportunity to pitch a business plan to SV Angel and $5,000 or a chance to get a job at Course Hero.

Video Lectures and Educator Platform

This is where educators can openly share knowledge and content through Course Hero. You can search through a library of video lectures by university, subject or instructor. This part of the website also offers a free directory of digital courses that are available on the Internet.


Tutor Fraud

According to some tutors, the company used to be fair at the beginning. However, most complaints arise from the fact that the company pays tutors a mere 30-55% of what the student pays, for instance, if a student pays $50, then the tutor gets just $17–27.5. The company currently sets the maximum price for a question at $50 both to protect students and also to limit the incentive for fraudulent activities by certain tutors. Lately, Course Hero has been reported to be closing a number of tutor accounts unfairly according to some tutors.Some of these same tutors allege that company is engaging in a controversial scheme to close their accounts thereby denying them the funds they are owed by students. The following is what appears to be a "standard" email that tutors receive upon termination of their account:

After a thorough review, we have discovered fraudulent activity on your account, which activity is a violation of at least Section 2  and Section 3 of our Terms of Use, and by reference the tutor guidelines and instructions under the Experts Section of our Frequently
Asked Questions. Therefore, pursuant to Section 2 and Section 4 of our Terms of Use and the tutor guidelines regarding fraudulent activity, we have terminated your account and no further payment obligations are required.
If you feel you have received this message in error, you may contact us at moderators at coursehero.com.
Course Hero Moderators

Course Hero says, "The reality is that these accounts are being closed due to tutors in certain countries engaging in systematic activities meant to defraud the company. These activities, which include creating multiple bogus accounts where certain tutors create their own questions which they subsequently answer themselves in hope of payment are a violation of the company's terms & services. Ironically, these same tutors now claim the company is defrauding them by closing their accounts and withholding payment.Unfortunately, Course Hero's tracking system is unable to differentiate between a genuine tutor account, and a bogus fraudulent account. As a result, we opted to close down all accounts including genuine ones in the affected countries." The logic seems strange as why a tutor will ask a question by paying $10(say) to claim a compensation of 3.5-$4.5? Moreover, this question is still unanswered why genuine accounts are being terminated without payment?

Copyright concerns

The documents uploaded for sale are frequently the intellectual property of instructors, not of the students who post them/sell them. This includes exams and their keys, quizzes and their keys, study guides written by instructors. To protect the rights of the copyright holders, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act requires Course Hero to expeditiously remove content when it is flagged as infringing its copyright. However, the process to remove copyrighted material can be seen as overly burdensome and may be a subtle way to discourage people from following through on such claims. Legal experts caution against invoking copyright laws in an attempt to slow Course Hero or related businesses


As Course Hero allows students to post previous homework and exam solutions from their classes, the website is often cited as an aid to student cheating.While faculty who reuse the same homework/exams semester after semester bear some of the blame, websites like Course Hero are not blameless in the controversy.

Customer Complaints

In addition to copyright and cheating issues, Course Hero also faces various customers complaints from BBB Business Review.As stated on its Terms of Service, the company is not willing to refund if the customer has viewed or downloaded at least one document from the website.